The value of remote power management, RPM, has long been established. Whenever a device fails, the normal first action is to cycle power or reboot. However, this can be challenging if the device is not easily accessed, or the device is located at the other end of the state or is otherwise difficult to reach. Remote power management systems are designed to allow rebooting of equipment from the office or anywhere with an internet connection which frequently solves the problem of equipment lock-ups, and thereby reducing downtime and lowering maintenance costs. With an RPM and a static IP address, technicians can reboot and power up devices individually utilizing a standard web browser.

Remote Monitoring Systems give agencies the ability to monitor the critical functions of the ITS infrastructure, such as, surge suppressor status, door ajar alarms, enclosure temperature and humidity. They can provide agencies with notifications of fault conditions in real time as well as creating a semi-permanent log for analysis and documentation. Moreover, by providing data on various conditions can reduce maintenance costs and redundant trips by technicians as they know which devices may need to be replaced or serviced.

Today’s ITS infrastructure is a critical element in managing traffic flow and responding to incidents and adverse weather conditions. Consequently, agencies are demanding rapid repairs when something goes wrong and some states have implemented fines for excessive downtime. An RPM system that is designed to withstand the rigors of an outdoor environment can be an essential tool to improve uptime while reducing costly trips to the field. Combined with a Remote Monitoring System the owner and maintaining agency can take control of the ITS Cabinet. This helps ensure long term quality and reliability of critical devices, which is one of the main priorities of any agency that relies on the continuous operation of their ITS assets.

Southern Manufacturing a leader in the design and manufacturing of enclosure for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), developed the ITS Commander to meet the growing demand; to combine the capabilities of remote power management, and remote monitoring system into a single one rack unit device robust enough to meet the environmental challenges of non-climate controlled applications