How do I update my firmware?

  • Before updating your firmware we recommended saving your unit configuration
  • Navigate to the FIRMWARE tab
  • go to [choose file] and browse to the attached .fwp firmware file ITS v1.0.265
  • Once the file has loaded it will be reflected in the [staged firmware version]  1.0.265
  • Select [Apply Update] to restart the unit and download the firmware to the ITS Commander Unit.

How do I set the date & Time via NTP Server?

  • Navigate to the CONFIGURATION tab,
  • under NETWORK, field [NTP SERVER},
  • the default value of will use the public NTP server.
  • Enter the desired address in the NTP Server field
  • Click Save Configuration to save changes.

How do I reset the ITS Commander to factory settings?

  • Press and Hold the “Select Button on the front of the unit for 10 seconds units all the lights on the front panel begin to blink

Where can I download the MIB file?